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i'm working as a senior artist in a game company in Paris France.

You know Artists / Digital painters / Talented Character or BG Designers ? In France or in the world? Write to me in PM , we look for artists right now !!! 

Vous connaissez des artistes / digital painters / Character ou BG designers de talent ? En France ou dans le monde ?
Ecrivez moi en MP, nous cherchons des artistes en ce moment !!!

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Scott "Toy Guru" Neitlich sat down with us to answer some fan questions about his upcoming MOTUC figure "The Mighty Spector".
And check out the awesome art from freelance illustator Axel Gimenez!

Mighty Spector " The New Age begins" is colored by me !! :)…
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You can follow me also here :
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Here is my book !
It's a compilation of digital painted pictures about death,
a "memento mori". An alphabet primer.
You can find it on Amazon but mostly in France i'm afraid :)

Voici la couverture de mon livre l'"ABCDEAD".
26 lettres de l'alphabet et autant de natures mortes,
vanités nous rappelant notre condition de mortels :)
Vous pouvez le trouver en France à la Fnac et Amazon
à la commande.

Il est édité chez Anabet Anabet publishing :
On peut le trouver là  you can find it here :…

Toute les infos sur mon blog   u can find more on my blog :
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Je suis très honoré d'être dans le Web magazine Raise#4.
Il est très beau et je conseille aussi de rejoindre le Facebook de Raise
et le blog :

I'm so glad to be part of Raise Magazine.
Please surf on these links :
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Hey !
i've done music with a friend of mine.
And our band is named "Kay"
We are making kind of electro-pop song.
Our first track is " FAKE" but...
the lyrics are in french.. coz i'm French !
But if u want to hear it, and hear the sound of Le Môme Kéké 's voice
Here it is :

I've done the visual of course
and the lyrics (i'm a fan of Gainsbourg) say the story
of a guy who has a double... and is becomming more and more fake.


See u

Le Môme Kéké / Kay
I'm so happy to have been chosen
for a daily Deviation this day :)
it's nearly my birthday... so
what a gift :)))

Thanks all

Le Môme Kéké
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I've always loved the blog : Drawn.
And this morning i found my work on it !!!
I 'm so happy.

You can see on :

and visit my blog :

Cheers !!!
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